317 Polk Street Hollywood, Florida For Sale

37 polk street


Seller Terms of SALE

$4.2 M “As is” FIRM

With the right of Inspection & Due Diligences 

for 317 Polk Street Hollywood Beach Fl 33019

Including Building, Land + Villa-sinclair.com
+ Red-Buddha-Bar.com

All social Medias - All logos, all Ratings, 

Bar, CO2P Beer/Wine-Tobacco Hôtel Licenses all Current & paid for 2023

All past costumers emails & costumers Phone # of Costumers database for text & Email Marketing 

All Furnished - All Equipped - Turnkey

Make Money on Day ONE 

Bar & Food Tobaccos & Hookah Inventory on Hand at time of closing Included over $100k retail value. 

+ Over $100,000 in advanced Hotel booking for 2023/2024

Price Not Negotiable 

200% FIRM / Zero BS / Zero Low Baller Allowed

$0 Seller’s Financing 

20 years My HOME & Business = Happy 20 years of Business

Happy $4.20M Selling Price to retire & Remember with a 😁👍🙏

Clean Easy Cut & for a Change of Life. 

CASH Buyer pays Buyer’s realtor com, Buyer Gets the #1 BEST Phone # in Broward County 


Easy to Remember for 3% paid Buyer Realtor Com or $126k paid by Buyer! 

 If No Buyer’s Realtor, Phone # is FREE

1/2 Of Artwork upon seller Sélection for $126k négociable 

Deep discount on Artwork possible 

150 original Paintings & 5 Original Bronzes

Seller moves out of Unit #2

 60 days post Closing

In exchange to help doing the business transition with Buyer’s Team & teach Buyer or buyer’s Team about running both businesses.

Buyer adds $50,000

Seller would Move out in 7 business days with expedited Move Out 

1/ CASH BUYER could SAVE 70% of Future adjusted Property Taxes upon the Purchase Price 2 Ways 

A/ Cash Buyer can split SALE in 2 Contracts closing at same time 

$1.2M for building + Land “AS IS » upon Current assessed Value

$24.9K/ Year Property Taxes 

( $60,000 In Future re-assed Property Taxes Saving a Year based Of $4.2M ) 

+ $3M for 2 Businesses Turnkey Furnished equipped with websites & Social Medias & all licenses 

All ratings all costumers database 

All ads already paid for 2023 

B/ CASH BUYER can SAVE 70% on Future increase of Property Taxes 

( $60.000 Saving per Year! ) 

+ SAVE $60,000 in Closing Costs 

+cash buyer can  get huge $$$$$$ in Savings & Time with NO change of all Licenses ownership.

& be ready to make Money on DAY ONE after $4.2M check Cleared 

With a 100% BUY OUT General Manager Shares => 

Hughes Longelin owns 100% of Sinclair Properties LLC 

Which Owns 100% of 317 Polk Street Hollywood Beach Fl 33019

+ Villa-Sinclair.com 

+ Red-Buddha-Bar.com

There is NO Change of Ownership with County City & State 

Still Sinclair Properties LLC 

No Change of Assessed Value of Property. 

CASH BUYER just needs to Create a LLC which Buys 100% of Shares of Sinclair Properties LLC 

2/ CASH Buyer can get $150k Full Liquor License for Free, CASH Buyer just needs to get Full Restaurant License 140+ Seatings & report 4680 SF outdoor Bar & Hookah Lounge as Restaurant siting area.

Instead of Paying $150k for Full Liquor License, the Initial $150k License fee is waved & CASH buyer only pay $680/Year for Full Liquor License & SAVE $150k 👍

3/ CASH BUYER Qualifies for 

1 to up to 5 EB5 Foreign Investor

$800k Business Investment qualifies for EB5 Visa with 3 to 6 Months-Green Card within 2-3 Years- US Citizenship within 5-6 Years for the Foreign Investor & His Family ( Spouse & Kids) 

EB5 Visa Could apply for 1 investing $4.2M or up to 5 investing each $800k as Financial Partners

4/ CASH BUYER Qualifies for $50,000 Hollywood City CRA Hôtel Improvement Program

If CASH BUYER makes $150,000 + Improvement, like 2500 SF Wrapped Around Aluminium Deck to cover Ground Floor Bar & add 2500 SF of Bar Lounge & Sundeck above or add 1500 SF Roof Deck above the Flat Roof 

upon Completion by a Hollywood License

Why Sellers is Selling ?

As My Wife is Thai & My Son is French Thai American 

20 Years of Work & Dedication Time to Move Back to Thailand to Retire & have My Son Learn Thaï & spend time with his Grand Parents & Cousins. 

$4.2M FIRM = Focus on Happy #’s to Remember with a Smile

In 20 Years 😁😁😁😁😁

Best Regards

Hughes Longelin

Owner & Host 


317 polk

317 polk

317 polk

317 polk

Ocean Views and just steps off the Broadwalk




6400 SF Land 

+ 3480 SF/AC  Building 

+ 4680 SF Villa Hôtel 

with 2 Beach Studios, 3x one Bedroom  Beach Suites & 1 Two Bedroom Beach Suite 

Total 7 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms, 7 Kitchens, 4 Living rooms, 3 Closets 1 Laundry, 1 Utility Room, 7 Seaters Hottub+ 4 seaters Sauna, 1 ada Bar bathroom, 2 Outdoor Showers, 10 Beach Side Cabanas, 2 Days Beds, 3 BBQs, , 4680 SF Beach Lounge 2500 SF of BeachLounge Covered Bar with 3 Pergolas 10 Cabanas & Hookah Lounge + Furnished + Equipped + Turnkey + Villa-Sinclair.com + Red-Buddha-Bar.com + 1-954-450-0000 + all Current Licenses + Rating + Social Medias + Past Costumers Phones # & Emails